Why Join LEUG?  

Here’s What LEUG Members Say

In evaluating whether to join LEUG, many energy managers ask about the benefits that they can expect for them or their company. The following statements from active LEUG members are a sampling of benefits that current LEUG members value. Feel free to contact any of the below for further information.

My company has been an active participant in LEUG for over 12 years. With several plants in Louisiana, ranging from small to large, and as a major purchaser and also a cogenerator of power at our largest plant, LEUG has provided business value far in excess of our membership fees.  Beyond reduced energy bills, the knowledge of potential energy policy changes, utility operations and business attitude, and opportunities for my company provide substantial additional value. I particularly value discussions with fellow energy managers representing a broad spectrum of industry and perspectives, and with LEUG’s strong legal, technical and strategic consultants, allowing me to broaden my knowledge of energy markets and to sharpen my skills as an energy manager.

David Cheshire
Energy Manager

Louisiana Refining and Chemicals



As a chlorine producer, the cost of electricity is the primary variable cost for our manufacturing process.  Given that I am responsible for managing the energy costs at our Louisiana plants, my job requires me to stay on top of the multiple legal and political undercurrents constantly swirling in the Louisiana regulatory environment.  LEUG has proven to be an invaluable asset in that regard.  Providing me with timely and useful information, facilitating the development of regulatory strategies for the members, advocating our positions in the regulatory arena, and most importantly, producing tangible, concrete results that contribute to my company’s bottom line.

Brenda Harris
Director, Power Purchasing

Occidental Chemical



At Valero, I am responsible for regulatory affairs in several states.  Given the different regulatory paradigms in the states I cover, managing and prioritizing the massive amount of information produced in regulatory proceedings is a critical component of my job.  As a member of LEUG, I know that I am ahead of the curve in Louisiana.  LEUG provides me the opportunity to not only track and report on the issues that are of critical importance to my management, but participate in the development and advocacy of policy positions that advance my company’s energy strategy.

Andrew Dalton
Senior Counsel






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